Truth Labs — part 1

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6 min readDec 17, 2022

Truth Labs is a collective of creators working in the web3 space. They are known for their projects such as IlluminatiNFT, The 187 and They are dedicated to exploring the creative potential of the blockchain and providing a platform for new voices and visions in this space. Their projects often focus on creating unique and engaging experiences for their community. Truth Labs is committed to fostering a core community of the faithful and supporting artists in the web3 space.


The Illuminati, a secret society shrouded in mystery and legend, has entered the world of blockchain technology with the launch of the IlluminatiNFT collection. Comprised of 8,128 generative NFTs, the collection offers exclusive access to activations and experiences, as well as the ability to claim an Illuminati DAO token.

But the IlluminatiNFT is more than just a digital collectible. 50% of secondary royalties from the collection go to the Illuminati Collective DAO, a governance DAO for the community. The main purpose of this DAO is to support artists and create “entire new worlds,” according to the creators of the IlluminatiNFT, Truth Labs.

Those who hold the IlluminatiNFT are able to pass through the “Gates of the Unknown” and unlock a world of riches, puzzles, art, and more. But the society warns that access to its innermost chambers is not given lightly, and only those brave enough to seek the truth will be rewarded.

The launch of the IlluminatiNFT marked a new chapter for the centuries-old secret society, as it embraces the potential of blockchain technology and NFTs to further its mysterious goals.

In the Illuminati, there are three levels of initiation: Level 1, 2 and 3. To reach Level 1, an individual must own at least one Illuminati NFT. Level 2 is reached by owning at least three Illuminati NFTs, and Level 3 is reached by owning at least five Illuminati NFTs. Each level unlocks access to different channels on the Discord server.

The 187

The 187, a series of 187 unique mythologies, is the first original IP from Truth Labs. The series is shrouded in mystery, with only 24 hours notice given before a new token is revealed.

But the origins of the 187 are even more intriguing. The series was originally meant to be part of the Illuminati NFT collection, but excessive gas fees during the minting process led to a mistake. Rather than scrapping the tokens, the team at Truth Labs decided to make the 187 the Gold Edition, and airdropped additional Illuminati NFTs to those who had already minted the 187s.

This decision turned the 187 into a highly sought-after collectible, with fans of the series eagerly anticipating each new token reveal. Whether or not the 187 will continue to be a part of the Illuminati NFT collection remains to be seen, but for now, it remains a unique and fascinating addition to the world of blockchain and NFTs.

IlluminatiNFT DAO

The IlluminatiNFT DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that allows token holders to have a say in the governance of the IlluminatiNFT community. By holding an IlluminatiNFT DAO token, you are granted voting access to the DAO’s Treasury, allowing you to propose and vote on initiatives that impact the direction of the community.

The DAO currently has over 900 ETH stored in its treasury, a substantial amount that has been generated through mint funds and secondary sales. This war chest has allowed the team behind Truth Labs, the creators of IlluminatiNFT, to remain financially stable during the bear market.

In order to propose and vote on initiatives, token holders must sign a gasless transaction on Upstream and cast their vote. The DAO council reviews each proposal and presents the feasible and beneficial ones to the community for voting. This process ensures that all decisions made by the DAO are transparent and well-informed.

Overall, the IlluminatiNFT DAO is a functional and solid organization that allows token holders to have a say in the direction of the community. Its strong financial foundation and transparent governance processes make it one of the rare successful DAOs in the blockchain space.


UNDAO was created through a mistake during the minting process of the official IlluminatiNFT DAO tokens. Those who were able to mint UNDAO tokens were also able to receive the equivalent amount of official DAO tokens. Although the team has not yet announced the purpose of the UNDAO tokens, they have promised that it is not for “nothing” and encouraged excitement for its potential use.

Illuminati NFT Passes

There are several Illuminati NFT Passes in the Illuminati ecosystem. These include: Merch Mintpasses, The Believer, Puzzlers, Harbinger and Mentor. Currently, Passes primarily grant bonus points in the raffle system (see draws below).

Merch Mintpasses

The creation of Merch Mintpasses was a way for the IlluminatiNFT community to recognize and reward members who showed their dedication to the community by owning multiple IlluminatiNFT tokens. These tokens serve as a symbol of membership and will be used to claim future merch-related items. The three tiers of Mintpasses — Inducted, Triadron, and Favored — are based on the number of IlluminatiNFT tokens owned by the member at the time of the snapshot. These tokens will also be counted towards a future ‘Full Set’ and will be highly sought after by collectors.

The Believer Pass

The Believer Pass is a special token for those who believe in the Illuminati community, in humanity, and in Truth. All wallets with unlisted Illuminati NFTs were eligible to claim The Believers Pass. This will happen again, but the exact timing is unknown. The Believer Pass is an art collection and has individual utility, but the exact details of its use are [redacted].


Puzzlers are tokens that are awarded to members of the IlluminatiNFT community who are able to solve puzzles. These tokens will count towards a future “Full Set” and will be used to claim any merch-related items in the future.

Harbinger and Mentor

Harbinger and Mentor are two types of passes in the Illuminati NFT collection. Harbinger Pass is awarded to those who share their knowledge of wealth with the Inducted, while the Mentor Pass is awarded to those who are kind, friendly, engaging, and welcoming.


The Illuminaries is a special edition collection of rewards given by the Ancients to honor their chosen ones — witches, warlocks, and other agents who live outside of society. These rewards are created by collecting the tears of Eris, mixing them with whispers of an owl, and bathing them in the light of ancient suns.

The Golden Orchard of Eris

The orchard is a forever free unlimited mint with no utility just a piece of art and historic importance to the Illuminati and the cryptic chamber. Milo Algandros, Gardener of Eris and Caretaker of the Orchard, is pleased to announce that after millennia of winter, the Golden Orchard of Eris is in full bloom! All who wish to may take a walk among the boughs, feel the grass between their toes, and pick themselves an apple. Remember, each golden apple corps is home to a golden worm! is one of the first attempts at creating on-chain identity on the Ethereum blockchain. Originally developed as a hackathon project, it was quickly abandoned due to the lack of traction. However, the IlluminatiNFT DAO has now resurrected CryptoFace, offering free CryptoFaces to owners of @secretsociety and @the187.

CryptoFace allows users to create and use unique profile pictures on the blockchain. The project offers a 7.5% royalty, with 3% going to the token creator, 2% to the IlluminatiNFT DAO, 1% to Truth Labs, 1% to NiftyLabs, and 0.5% to @natmyhat. offers a unique way to create and use profile pictures on the Ethereum blockchain. With the support of the IlluminatiNFT DAO and its community, the project aims to become a popular choice for on-chain identity.

This is the end of part one of our two-part series on the Truth Labs and their whereabouts. There is a lot of mystery shrouding the IlluminatiNFT and their creators, but the Truth will set you free.

STAYYYY tunnneddddd fer merrrrrr!



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