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4 min readJan 10, 2023

DiIISSs IZzzzZ COnTIuuuAtioNN OVV ARrR TRUttHH LAaAaBbZz AAArrtiCLee. LFG. is a collection of 10,000 goblin NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The project began on May 21, 2022 as a free-to-mint collection with no utility, no roadmap, and no Discord. Out of the 10,000 collection, 1,000 goblins were reserved by the team, 12 were custom 1/1 artwork, and 5 were “mysterious eggies.”

The anonymous team behind impressed with their storytelling through well-designed website and unique marketing style, leading to an all-time high floor price of around 9 ETH. It was later revealed that Truth Labs, the team behind the IlluminatiNFT project, was behind as well. is a CC0 project, meaning that anyone has free rights to use the artwork however they please. As the project has no roadmap, Discord, or utility, it remains to be seen what direction it will take. However, its unique approach and high-quality design have already made it a popular choice among NFT collectors.

One unique aspect of the project is that it was created as a free-to-mint collection, with no upfront cost for those interested in minting their own goblins. This sets it apart from many other NFT projects, which often require an initial investment in order to mint tokens.

During the minting process, the team withheld 1,000 of the 10,000 goblins. These 1,000 goblins is now being sent to the Truth Labs Treasury (50), the team (50), and the Truth communities (900).

Below is a scoring system describing the number of tickets you are entitled to for your NFTs from the ecosystem.

Raffle Point Breakdown ️

1 Raffle Ticket = 6 Points

  • Illuminati NFT — 8 Points
  • Seekers of Truth: Inducted — 1 Point
  • Seekers of Truth: Triadron — 2 Points
  • Seekers of Truth: Favored — 4 Points
  • Believer Pass — 3 Points
  • Puzzler Pass — 24 Points
  • Harbinger Pass — 24 Points
  • Mentor Pass — 24 Points
  • The 187–16 Points
  • [REDACTED] — X Points
  • Illuminary — 16 Points
  • Kryptic Kids — 1 Point

️Bonus Points️:

  • Believer Set
  • Seekers of Truth (Inducted + Triadron + Favored) + Believer — 6 Points

Community Set

  • Full Believer Set + Puzzler Pass, Harbinger Pass, or Mentor Pass — 6 additional Points (12 bonus points total)

️How does the OG Boost work? ️

  • Anyone holding at least 1 Illuminati since Dec 2021 gets 100 bonus points added to their total
  • Anyone holding at least 1 Illuminati since January 2022 gets 75 bonus points added to their total
  • Anyone holding at least 1 Illuminati since February 2022 gets 50 bonus points added to their total
  • Anyone holding at least 1 Illuminati since March 2022 gets 25 bonus points added to their total
  • This bonus is removed after a wallet wins a goblin. is a collection of hyper-deflationary NFTs connected to the project. In goblintown, “Tek ur Ordurr” hat-wearing goblins are often seen eating McGoblin burgers, which have become an integral part of the goblin culture on social media.

On June 3, all goblintown NFT holders became eligible to claim a free McGoblin Burger NFT via the website. The supply of burgers will never exceed the original 10,000 supply (1 per 1 goblin), and the claim period will remain open as long as there are unclaimed burgers.

In addition to their aesthetic value, McGoblin Burgers also have utility within the goblintown world. The first revealed use for the burgers is as bait in Grumpl traps, a new creature in Goblintown. Baiting ended on August 19, and burgers and Grumpl traps are now available on the secondary market.

Overall, the collection adds depth and detail to the world of, offering both aesthetic and functional value to NFT collectors.


Grumpls are the newest addition to the world, roaming wildly around the city. These special creatures have caused wars in the past, as goblins have been known to eat them. In order to avoid further conflict, goblins have started using traps to catch grumpls.

The grumpl collection is a collaborative effort featuring a variety of art styles from talented web3 artists.

Trapping grumpls using burgers ended on August 19. In order to set a trap, a goblin and a burger are required. One goblin can set unlimited traps, unless it is a 1/1 goblin in which case only one 1/1 trap can be set. Up to three burgers can be used in a trap, but the outcome is still unknown and may be dependent on the popularity of other options.

The grumpl project is also a way for Truth Labs to support and uplift artists. The collection includes 21 guest 1:1s and 7 incredible 1:1 artists with their first generative PFP collections. The artists receive royalties from the sale of secondary Grumpls.

Overall, the grumpl collection adds a unique and intriguing element to the world of, offering both aesthetic and functional value to NFT collectors.

Truth Marketplace

The Truth Marketplace is an online platform where users can purchase various Truth Labs collections, including The 187,, Illuminati, Grumpls, McgoblinBurger, Illuminati DAO token, UNDAO, Believer Passes, Merch Passes and more. Royalties for all collections on the marketplace are 5%, including platform fees.


Today, we wrote about several projects created by Truth Labs, a collective of creators working in the web3 space. These projects all have unique features and purposes, from providing exclusive access to activations and experiences to offering a platform for artists to showcase their work. Overall, Truth Labs is dedicated to exploring and creating in the web3 space.



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